Power for the Plains


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Southwestern Public Service (SPS) Transmission Planning

Southwestern Public Service (SPS) conducts local and sub-regional transmission planning, including lower voltage network planning. SPS participates in Southwest Power Pool’s STEP regional planning process, but also provides its own process for its lower voltage networks as required under FERC Order 890.

SPS Transmission Planning

Southwest Power Pool (SPP)

SPP is a Regional Transmission Organization, mandated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to ensure reliable supplies of power, adequate transmission infrastructure, and competitive wholesale prices of electricity.

If your company is interested in doing business with Xcel Energy Inc. to support the Power for the Plains transmission expansion in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, please send your company profile and a list of services to SupplyChainHotline@xcelenergy.com. Submitting information does not commit Xcel Energy or its operating companies or subsidiaries to the services offered. Thank you for your interest as Xcel Energy works to improve reliability and to increase access to clean renewable energy sources.