Power for the Plains

Portales Loop 115 kV Transmission Line Project

The Portales Loop 115 kV transmission line project, in the Portales, N.M. area, consists of approximately 21 miles of new transmission line, expansion of two existing substations, one new substation, and demolition of another substation.

Once work at each of the substations (Portales, Greyhound, and South Portales) is underway, the following line segments will be constructed; Portales to Greyhound, Greyhound to South Portales, and South Portales to Kilgore.

The Portales Loop project will provide additional capacity and increased reliability to the Portales, N.M. area. Southwest Power Pool approved a Notice-to-Construct the project on September 10, 2013. The project is expected to be placed in-service in 2018.

Quick Facts
Estimated length
21 miles
Estimated cost
$29 million
Proposed in-service date
February 7, 2018